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As a visual artist, I explore different medias, surfaces, and techniques. I do not have a specific style and I am glad to keep it that way. I am inspired by the media I am using and trying to get the most from that particular medium. I typically get my ideas and inspiration for art and digital works from nature, light, and space, or from world cultures. I make art to communicate these inspirations and change them based on my life experiences, or with the media I am using.


I like to study how ideas are conceived and how they evolve. There is always some design and some accident that goes into making the final image. Sometimes the accidents or randomness that occurs is the most interesting part of the process. Each piece is simultaneously an extension from the past, where I've learned as well as a preview of the future, where I'm going. 


Painting is a meditation on a subject. My curiosity is drawn to objects that make my world larger and more colorful. To me, my subject is not a cold scientific fact, nor a documentation of my feelings about the subject. I approach each new work with no expectation or formula. This allows me to see what a new collaboration between media, surface, subject matter and attentiveness would produce each time. I work until a painting breathes on its own and speaks its own truth.

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